Impressive footage of Seafield House from the air

The Seafield House story featured on Reporting Scotland on 6th May has certainly sparked a lot of interest in this beautiful  building. One unexpected area of interest, is that from the aerial photography sector. Photographers have been using drones to capture images of the building from the air and sharing them on You Tube.

These incredible videos give us a bird’s eye view of the state of dereliction of the building.  The roof is mostly gone and there is a lot of vegetation that has taken over.  However, they also give us a greater insight into the solid construction of the building, with the structural walls relatively intact and the steelwork supports, as influenced by Arrol himself, are clearly evident.  It also gives the opportunity to get a closer view of the quality of the architectural features at the upper levels. As the camera angles sweep across the tower towards the Ayrshire coast and the sea we get a real insight into how Sir William Arrol would have enjoyed these views from his home over 100 years ago.

Photograph showing birds-eye-view of Seafield House

Image captured from That Image Rokz’s aerial video, Exploring Seafield House in Ayr

We are very grateful to the film makers for permission to use the films on our website and have added them to our Gallery page.

Exploring Seafield House in Ayr, by kind permission of Stuart Little, That Image Rokz Photography.

Seafield House 18 may 2015, by kind permission of Eddie Allison, Advanced Aerial Media.

By kind permission of