FoSH Support for Seafield House Planning Application & Application for Listed Building Consent

Friends of Seafield House has now submitted its comment in support of Edesign Architecture & Planning’s applications on behalf of Econstruct Estates Seafield Ltd & Westpoint Homes Ltd for full planning permission and listed building consent, as follows:

“We are writing on behalf of Friends of Seafield House to give our support to the application above. Our support is dependent on two conditions being incorporated into any consent that might be granted on associated application [insert Planning Application 19/00255/APPM or LBC Application 19/00269/LBC as appropriate], as set out below.

The first condition is that Seafield House must be structurally repaired and rendered properly and permanently wind and weathertight prior to completion of the first phase of the development.

For the sake of clarity, our understanding of this is that the following works will be carried out:

  1. new conservation standard roof – reslated, releaded and weather tight
  2. new conservation standard windows and external doors fitted to all external openings
  3. completion of all internal and external structural and masonry repairs
  4. completion of repairs to all external ironwork
  5. overhaul and renewal of all rainwater goods and drains
  6. completion of all external decorations
  7. scaffolding removed

Again, for the sake of clarity, our understanding of completion of the first phase of the development is as follows:

completion of the first 16 new-build homes to a stage whereby they can be marketed.

 The second condition is that all the Seafield house apartments are fitted out internally and totally ready for sale complete with local authority completion certificates prior to works on the last 5 new- build houses being commenced.

We welcome the fact that all materials that can be salvaged from Seafield House will be retained and, where possible, reused.

We support a relaxation of the blanket Tree Preservation Order, as we accept that the tree belt needs to be thinned, having self-seeded and had little maintenance over the years. We welcome the new planting within the landscape design, including pockets of amenity trees and that most of the species trees that are located at the front of Seafield House – many planted by doctors – will be retained.

We are pleased that the landscape design aims to reflect Sir William Arrol’s bridge building and Seafield House’s role as a hospital and that in front of the house there will be a Sir William Arrol Memorial Garden, designed in part with Heriot Watt University. We are also pleased that the area immediately in front of the house is to be designed as an historic ornamental garden – the area references Sir William Arrol’s original garden plan – and that a wild flower meadow with two sculptures has been designed for the rear of the house.

Friends of Seafield House confirms its support for application 19/00269/LBC for Listed Building Consent and associated Planning Application 19/00255/APPM with the two absolute conditions as set out above.”

We ask all those who support the restoration & conversion of Seafield House into apartments by way of an enabling development to write in support of the applications. Support comments can be lodged on South Ayrshire Council’s planning portal or made by letter to: David Love, Planning Officer, Planning Department, South Ayrshire Council, Burns House, Ayr KA7 1UT. The application reference numbers are 19/00255/APPM & 19/00269/LBC. There are 21 days in which to lodge comments from the validation date of 9 April 2019.

Thank you.



Seafield House Planning Application now Live

Friends of Seafield House welcomes the news that the application made by Edesign Architecture & Planning for the restoration + conversion of Seafield House into 10 apartments & the building of 27 new homes in the grounds, plus associated landscape design is now live on South Ayrshire Council’s planning portal. The application for Listed Building Consent is also live.

FoSH is submitting a conditional letter of support and will upload this once lodged.

19_00269_LBC-3D_Visual__Seafield_House__as_Proposed-7148553-D visual for Seafield House as completed, © Edesign Architecture & Planning


FoSH Public Meeting : 15 April 2019, 5pm

FoSH will hold a public meeting on Monday 15 April from 5pm-6.30pm at The Savoy Park Hotel, 16 Racecourse Rd, Ayr KA7 2UT at which Patrick Lorimer FRIAS, FoSH Chair, & former Chair, Rob Close, will present FoSH’s response to the planning application lodged by Edesign Architecture & Planning for the restoration + conversion of Seafield House into 10 apartments & the building of 27 new homes in the grounds, plus associated landscape design, which features tree belt thinning & replanting & the Sir William Arrol Memorial Garden.

FoSH will make public its support for the application, which will be given with the proviso that the Seafield House restoration & conversion into apartments is complete before the last five new homes are built in the grounds.

FoSH is pleased that Robin Ghosh, Director, edesign architecture & planning & econstruct design & build will attend to answer questions, together with Patrick Lorimer FRIAS, FoSH Chair, & former Chair, Rob Close.

Following the presentation & Q&A, FoSH Committee Member & Arrol relative Kirsty Menzies will give an update on FoSH research into Sir William Arrol

5pm Presentation of FoSH Response to Edesign Architecture & Planning’s Lodging of Seafield House Planning Application

 5.30pm Q&A

 6.15pm FoSH Update on Sir William Arrol Research

Tea/coffee will be served + a collection taken to cover the cost of room hire & refreshments

The application has not yet been uploaded to the Council’s planning portal
FoSH will update this web post once the application is live.

Would those planning to attend to please email or telephone/text FoSH Secretary, Lianne Hackett, on 07796466384, giving your name, address & contact telephone number in any email/text.



FoSH Hon Secretary, Ann Mott

It is with sadness and apologies for the delay in posting this notice that FoSH notes the passing of our Ann Mott, our Founding Secretary & laterly our Honorary Secretary.


Ann passed away on 20 November 2018. FoSH Committee Member Rob Close attended the funeral service at Masonhill Crematorium, Ayr on 29 November in a private capacity.

Questions raised for Seafield House developer, Robin Ghosh, Director, econstruct design & build, post 5th FoSH AGM

Questions were raised for Seafield House developer, Robin Ghosh, Director, econstruct design & build, in the discussion post 5th AGM of 14 May 2018. Put to him by letter from the FoSH Chair on 23.05.18. Answers received from him by email 3.09.18:

At the public exhibition, the developer did not make absolutely clear that SH would be conserved and converted into apartments in the first phase of the development. This is the agreed FoSH position and was agreed by those present at the AGM.
Q. Will the developer confirm that SH will be conserved and converted into apartments in the first phase?
A. I can confirm that it is our intention, and this is proposed as part of our panning submission, to restore and convert Seafield House into apartments immediately on receipt of planning approval as part of the initial stage of works on site.

On the developer’s drawings, the lane from Seafield Crescent into the SH grounds is shown as pedestrian, however the lane provides road access to adjacent houses.
Q. When will the error of the lane showing as pedestrian only be corrected?
A.It is not our intention to use the land noted on the proposed site plan leading to and from Seafield Crescent as a means of vehicular access to the Seafield site. This will be part of the proposed pedestrian link from the site to the surrounding area. It is noted that this land is currently used as a secondary vehicular access to adjoining properties. I can confirm it is also not our intention to change this situation and such properties will still be afforded access however this route will be predominantly to encourage pedestrian movements.

The Fort, Seafield & Wallacetown Community Council (FSWCC) has written on more than one occasion to the developer asking for clarification on ownership of the SH boundary wall. To date there has been no reply.
Q. When will the developer respond to FSWCC?
In terms of the site boundary wall, I can confirm this falls within the ownership of Econstruct. It is not our intention to alter the wall other than at the proposed new access point with Doonfoot Road. The remaining wall be checked and repaired where required.

Queries also were put on the listed status of the boundary wall.
Q. Will the developer now confirm its understanding of the listing status?
It is our understanding and interpretation that the wall forms part of the listed status of Seafield House.

A number of questions arose on the tree belt with concern expressed on the extent of loss proposed.
Q. Will the developer now confirm the extend of its proposal for tree removal?
In terms of the existing trees within the site, we have undertaken a detailed tree survey of all trees and groupings. In order to facilitate the new residential development many trees within the grounds are proposed for removal. However the tree survey makes reference to the quality of the existing tree planting scheme and with a lack of maintenance over the years and the self-seeding nature of many of the trees, the general health of much of the tree grouping is not great. All trees to the south of Seafield House (front area) are proposed for retention along with groupings to the perimeter of the site. As part of the application submission a landscape architect has been appointed to design an extensive mature planting scheme for the redeveloped site.

Also on the tree belt, the maintenance of which has been lacking since econstruct took on ownership.
Q. Will the developer confirm when tree maintenance will commence?
Some minor tree works have been undertaken to help with overhanging branches to some properties along Seafield Crescent. On receipt of planning approval tree work will commence within the site including a management scheme and pruning of those trees remaining. Further extensive management and maintenance will be agreed and in place for the enhanced landscaping scheme and in place for the completion of the development.

It was noted that despite a commitment in publicly-available pre-planning communications with South Ayrshire Council, the developer has not attended FoSH AGMs.
Q. Will econstruct – with its joint-venture partner CALA Homes – communicate directly their plans with FoSH before submission of their planning application?
I can confirm that I will make arrangements to meet with FoSH prior to the formal planning submission to present the proposed scheme and discuss our proposal in more detail. A date for this can be arranged. *

*This date has now been arranged. The FoSH Committee will meet Robin Ghosh on
4 October. An update will be posted on our website and communicated by email to our mailing list shortly afterwards.        

FoSH 5th AGM : Post Meeting Note

Post Meeting Note:

The FoSH AGM, held on Monday 14 May at the Ellisland House Hotel, was well attended by Seafield residents and FoSH Friends.

Outwith the formal business  of the meeting, Patrick Lorimer, FoSH Chair, read a statement from Robin Ghosh, Director, econstruct design & build – the Seafield House owner – giving his apologies for not attending the meeting and an update on progress towards submission of the planning application to conserve and restore Seafield House into apartments and develop new builds in the grounds.

The statement is as follows:

 “My apologies for not being able to attend the 5th AGM on Monday. Following from the success of the public exhibition we have reviewed the proposal and are making some minor adjustments to the planning package in advance of the planning submission. There have been no significant alterations to SH other than additional detailing within the drawing package along with a structural package and the viability options for the internal fit out.

Bat Survey: We have instructed a detailed bat survey of the house and grounds which can only commence after the 1st May. We now are awaiting the final survey work and findings to be completed. We had hoped that this survey work could be undertaken when the planning application was submitted and then follow on however planning advised they would rather the bat survey was included with the original submission and not added later.

 Landscape Architect: A landscape architect has been appointed to work with us on the project to develop a sensitive mature planting scheme within the development. This design will be submitted along with the planning package.

 Security: The security system positioned within SH and externally is certainly preventing entry to the building and loitering within the grounds.

We have containers on site and will be starting to move some of the damaged stonework from around the perimeter of the building into storage for safe keeping along with other salvageable items.

 We anticipate the submission of the full planning package within the month of June and as always we will notify you of this position in advance. The technical building warrant package will be overlapped with the planning sub mission and construction works are ready to start immediately following approval.”

There followed discussion of issues relating to Seafield House.  FoSH has put the questions raised to the developer. His replies have now been posted.



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