Friends of Seafield House Committee Members

Chair: Patrick Lorimer
Vice Chair: Fiona Walker
Treasurer: Committee Vacancy
Secretary & Acting Treasurer: Lianne Hackett
Committee Member: Rob Close
Committee Member (Website & Social Media): Kirsty Menzies
Committee Member: Jean McClure
Committee Member: Sheila Penny
Committee Member: Brian Williamson

Former Committee Members:
Dr John McClure MBE (1944-2018)
Ann Mott (d. 2018), Founding Secretary, latterly Hon. Secretary
Rosemary Paterson, Seafield Co-ordinator, now Hon. Seafield Co-ordinator
Philip Toman, Seafield Co-ordinator

Find out more about our Committee Members.

Committee Meetings

Friends of Seafield House (FoSH) Committee meets monthly. Our meetings are held in Ayr.
Read the minutes from past Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings.

Contact Details

FoSH Secretary


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