Notice & Agenda : FoSH 8th AGM

In light of Covid-19 lockdown easing, FoSH has agreed that our 2021 Annual General Meeting can be held. Our 7th AGM could not be held in May 2020 given the first Covid-19 lockdown.

This AGM – our 8th – will be held as an outdoor, short, standing meeting at the rear of the Pavilion on Ayr’s Old Racecourse, which is situated opposite to Seafield House. For full details, please see the Notice & Agenda below.


Eighth Annual General Meeting (AGM)

of the

Friends of Seafield House (FoSH)

will be held outdoors on
Friday 14 May 2021 at 4pm

Old Racecourse, Ayr : see blue dot on map for location


1. Welcome and opening remarks from Patrick Lorimer, FoSH Chair

2. Ordinary business

2.1 To receive a Report from the Management Committee on the last year’s activities

2.2 To receive and approve an Examined Report on the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year to 31st March 2021*

2.3 To receive and agree the Base Budget for the ensuing year

2.4 To appoint an independent Examiner to examine the accounts for the ensuing year

3.0 Elections

3.1 To conduct the election of the Management Committee (“one third of the Management Committee shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election” – FoSH Founding Deed) **

4.0 Founding Deed

4.1 To consider any Amendment(s) to the Founding Deed (Amendments to the Founding Deed may be proposed at the AGM)

*As in 2018 & 2019, there having been only a small number of transactions, the Examining is by the Committee with all papers available for independent scrutiny at the AGM

**As our 7thAGM could not be held in May 2020 given the Covid-19 lockdown, the third of the Management Committee that was required to retire at the 7th AGM will retire & stand for re-election at the 8th AGM.

Dated: 30 April 2021

Notice issued by order of the FoSH Management Committee
contact: Friends of Seafield House, c/o 4 Eglinton Terrace, Ayr KA7 1JJ


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