FoSH 5th AGM : Post Meeting Note

Post Meeting Note:

The FoSH AGM, held on Monday 14 May at the Ellisland House Hotel, was well attended by Seafield residents and FoSH Friends.

Outwith the formal business  of the meeting, Patrick Lorimer, FoSH Chair, read a statement from Robin Ghosh, Director, econstruct design & build – the Seafield House owner – giving his apologies for not attending the meeting and an update on progress towards submission of the planning application to conserve and restore Seafield House into apartments and develop new builds in the grounds.

The statement is as follows:

 “My apologies for not being able to attend the 5th AGM on Monday. Following from the success of the public exhibition we have reviewed the proposal and are making some minor adjustments to the planning package in advance of the planning submission. There have been no significant alterations to SH other than additional detailing within the drawing package along with a structural package and the viability options for the internal fit out.

Bat Survey: We have instructed a detailed bat survey of the house and grounds which can only commence after the 1st May. We now are awaiting the final survey work and findings to be completed. We had hoped that this survey work could be undertaken when the planning application was submitted and then follow on however planning advised they would rather the bat survey was included with the original submission and not added later.

 Landscape Architect: A landscape architect has been appointed to work with us on the project to develop a sensitive mature planting scheme within the development. This design will be submitted along with the planning package.

 Security: The security system positioned within SH and externally is certainly preventing entry to the building and loitering within the grounds.

We have containers on site and will be starting to move some of the damaged stonework from around the perimeter of the building into storage for safe keeping along with other salvageable items.

 We anticipate the submission of the full planning package within the month of June and as always we will notify you of this position in advance. The technical building warrant package will be overlapped with the planning sub mission and construction works are ready to start immediately following approval.”

There followed discussion of issues relating to Seafield House.  FoSH has put the questions raised to the developer. His replies have now been posted.



One thought on “FoSH 5th AGM : Post Meeting Note

  1. Thank you for your two recent e mails . Good to see that Robin Ghosh is making progress with his plans. He is a pleasant young man and a credit to his father ! Many thanks for keeping me informed on progress with Fosh. All good wishes. Douglas Brown

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