Responses to Public Exhibition on Seafield House Development : Extended Deadline for Receipt of Written Responses

Given the extended deadline that the developer econstruct has given for receipt of written responses to the public exhibition held at Ayr Town Hall on Thursday 5 October 2017, FoSH has decided to delay making public its position until all responses have been received. The developer has set a deadline of two weeks from the date of the public exhibition. For further information on the proposal and for a copy of the questionnaire on which to make comments, please email:

With the plans having made public on 5 October, FoSH can now publish the replies given by the developer to questions posed at our 4th AGM, the Minutes of which can be found on our website on the Committee Meetings and AGMs page. Questions and answers are given below:

Q1. Is there a joint venture partnership in place or has econstruct sold the site?
A1. Yes: with CALA. No: econstruct continues to own the site.

Q2. Will the development go to planning as one application or will two separate planning applications for apartments and new builds be made?
A2. One application will be made.

Q3. How many houses will be built in the grounds?
A3. 27 houses are planned for the grounds.

Q4. How many storeys will each house have?
A4. 2-storey houses are planned.

Q5. How will the title deeds for the apartments and houses be drafted to define the status of the stone perimeter wall?
A5. There will be shared title. The wall will be maintained by the development factor.

Q6. Can the SH site accommodate the new-build Malcolm Sargent House?
A6. No.