FoSH New Membership Year 2014-2015

Letter from the Chair of Friends of Seafield House calling for membership renewals and new members:

Our new membership year follows an October commencement pattern in line with the establishment of Friends of Seafield House (FoSH) on 15 October 2012. It is time for membership renewals or for those who would like to become FoSH members to become a Friend of Seafield House. Those who became Founding Members do not have to renew, but we would be delighted if you might pass on the form to a friend or colleague who you think is interested in supporting our campaign. Corporate memberships are also welcome. Details are to be found in the Membership section of our website.

Last week, after many months of monitoring the sale negotiations and with considerable support from many individuals and organisations, we heard the good news of the sale of Seafield House. We announced this in tandem with Marcus Binney and colleagues at SAVE Britain’s Heritage who have been with us from day one. The purchaser is econstruct design and build, a sympathetic Ayr-based developer, one of whose Directors, Robin Ghosh, has a personal connection to the building in its time as Seafield Hospital where his father was a consultant.

FoSH will continue to monitor the building and – in tandem with SAVE and others – to support econstruct where and when requested. We will continue to update the local Seafield community by leaflet and personal contact and maintain our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed over the time that it takes for planning permission and consents for the restoration of Seafield House as residential apartments and the building of the small number of houses in the grounds as the enabling development.

In addition, we are writing a history of Seafield House and have commissioned articles on the campaign to submit. With SAVE, we will produce a manual to share the story of our campaign to SAVE Seafield House. We are also planning an exhibition  in March 2015 on Sir William Arrol and the Forth Bridge to mark the 125th Anniversary of the opening of the Forth Bridge. Sir William travelled from Seafield to the bridge during construction and held the last rivet in place in the opening ceremony! We aim to tour this exhibition in 2015, which also sees the announcement in June of the Government bid to UNESCO for World Heritage status for the Forth Bridge.

We would welcome your support in this new and hopeful year for Seafield House. Please become a Friend or renew your membership by completing the form in the Membership section of our website.

Best wishes
Rob Close
Friends of Seafield House

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