Digital scrapbook on Seafield House

Friends of Seafield House have created a scrapbook about Seafield House on the Forth Bridges Scrapbooks website.

Image of Seafield House

Seafield Scrapbook on the Forth Bridges Scrapbooks website

The aim of the Scrapbooks project is to gather stories, photographs and other historical material relating to the Forth Bridges and create a central hub for information about them. The Forth Road Bridge celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year and the Rail Bridge celebrates it’s 125th anniversary next year.  The archive will be used as part of the Forth Bridges Festival. Anyone can sign up and create a scrapbook and the process is very simple. People can illustrate their personal stories about the bridges with their own images or a selection from the gallery provided.

The Seafield House Scrapbook  explains the link between Seafield House and the Forth Rail Bridge, of how William Arrol built the house and lived there whilst working on the construction of the Forth Bridge. It also describes the current condition of the house and the campaign to save it.