Information Board now on site at Seafield House

Photograph of Information Board at entrance to Seafield House

Information Board at Seafield House

FoSH were given permission to mount an information board about the History of Seafield and Sir William Arrol  on the boundary wall at the entrance to Seafield House.

Now anyone passing by on Doonfoot Road, and wanting to know more about the beautiful neglected house within, will be able to read about  it.  The information board tells of the history of the Seafield Estate, of Sir William Arrol’s life and how he built the house as his home and, after his death, it’s history as Seafield Hospital.

It is hoped that the board will help to raise awareness of the significance and importance of the magnificent roofless ruin lying on their doorstep and encourage people to join the campaign to save it.

Image of an exhibition board about Seafield and Sir William Arrol

FoSH Information Board about Sir William Arrol and the history of Seafield House.