4 thoughts on “FoSH campaign features in the debate on Scotland’s historic buildings

  1. Thanks from FoSH to Chic Brodie MSP for lodging the motion, all MSPs who signed the motion to secure cross-party support and those who spoke in the debate.

  2. John Scott MSP, who was in the chair as Deputy Presiding Officer, said:

    “As a child I had my tonsils removed in Seafield hospital, so I thank everyone who took part in the debate.”

  3. Fiona Hyslop – herself an acknowledged ‘Ayr lass’ – responded to the debate in her role as Cabinet Secretary for Culture & External Affairs. She said:

    “Seafield House in Ayr is a B-listed building that is the former home of Sir William Arrol, the celebrated builder of the Forth Rail Bridge….Today is the centenary of the death of Sir William Arrol…I understand that the building’s owner, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, has formed a viability group and is looking at all options for the site along with South Ayrshire Council, the Scottish Futures Trust and Historic Scotland.

    Conservation projects that are based around historic buildings benefit communities and can be outstanding architectural projects in their own right…in my constituency, Blackburn House …is a successful example of how joint working brought investment in heritage-led regeneration… The Friends of Seafield House might want to look at that wonderful community asset, which is run by the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust.

    When a derelict historic property is given a new lease of life in a community, we all feel good. Let us not wait until important historic buildings get into a poor state of repair. The key to good management is planning and early action…I thank Chic Brodie for lodging the motion so that this important subject could be debated in the Parliament, and I extend my best wishes to the Friends of Seafield House.”

  4. Chic Brodie said:

    “I pay tribute to the Friends of Seafield House, some of whom are here tonight and whose acknowledged motivation and enthusiasm to secure Seafield House’s future were easy prompts for me to bring forward this debate.”

    “There are many bridges between Scotland’s past, present and future; between our icons of the past and their legacies and memories to be enjoyed today and in future. Burns and Scott and their poetry and literature, and Fleming and penicillin, are just a few examples. Tonight, I bring another to the chamber: Sir William Arrol, one of history’s greatest civil engineering contractors. I bring his legacies and I appeal for the secure future of his home, Seafield house in Ayr.”

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