Wreath Laying at grave of Sir William Arrol, Woodside Cemetery, Paisley on 20 February 2013

Photograph of the Arrol gravestone at Woodside Cemetery, PaisleyIn the second event to commemorate the centenary of the death of Sir William Arrol, Friends of Seafield House (FoSH) will lay a wreath on Sir William’s grave in Paisley.  All those who would like to be present are welcome to attend at 2pm. Arrol Grave, Woodside Cemetery, Broomlands Street, Paisley, PA1 2NP. The Arrol grave can be found along the row of graves (commonly referred to as “millionaires’ row”) to the left of the Crematorium.

3 thoughts on “Wreath Laying at grave of Sir William Arrol, Woodside Cemetery, Paisley on 20 February 2013

  1. Not having taken much notice of the publicity given to ‘Great Uncle Willie’ as my mother called him, it is with great interest to read of the recent activity. My maternal grandmother was sister to his first wife, and I have taken great pride in him, his drive, energies and abilities over the years. He is a fine example of the Scots’ remarkable initiative and success. What a man. I bear his name with respect and pride, and am glad that he is appreciated.

    Can anyone give me information regarding his nephews, the Adam brothers, who worked with and for Sir William during their life-times in South American and elsewhere?

    • Thanks very much for your comments. Like yourself, the Friends of Seafield House are very proud of Sir William Arrol, his achievements and the legacy he left behind. He is a great inspiration to others and deserves much more public recognition than he often receives. Through our campaign we hope to raise greater public awareness not only of the plight of his former home but of the man himself.

      Regarding your question about the Adam brothers, one of our committee members who is also a family member will get in touch with you.

      • Many thanks indeed for your reply. The Victorian era had much to remark upon. Scotland has much to remember. Have we lost this drive and initiative of those men of our past? Sadly we do not hear of the energetic, the good and the beneficial. The media pulls us down by the headlines and what is considered news today. Was Sir William a religious man? I look forward to following this site to hear more of himself.

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